Since 2014 I have been producing films in three categories:: Documentary, image film and event film. Every person, every company has something special and unique.
Producing authentic, aesthetic and touching stories from this is my passion. 


Some of my works have already received several international awards. 

Do you have a topic that you would like to see implemented in an exciting, authentic and touching way as well as realized  professional and aesthetically ? Feel free to ask for a non-binding offer.

Request via eMail


That's how I work:

  • with extraordinary ideas
  • with high empathy
  • with a relaxed feel-good atmosphere during the shoot
  • with highly professional and aesthetically sophisticated image design
  • with an exciting and touching story through particularly creative editing

I do all the filming (including aerial photography) as well as editing, post-production, color grading and scoring (music, sound design) by myself.

With my mobile film expedition truck "LifeDiscoverer" I work internationally . 






Documentary    Image film    Event film





hu man

Documentary (2021)
Length: 37:28 min

Language: german, english, french


  • 10th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival (Best Cinematography)
  • 5th Indian World Film Festival 2021 (Best Editing)

+ 8 additional nominations


Short film, Documentary (2021)
Length: 12:48 min

Language: german, english, italian


  • Amsterdam Shortfilm Festival 2021 (Winner)
  • Global Nonviolent Filmfestival 2021
    (Best Cinematography)
  • Cosmic Filmfestival 2021 (Winner)

+ 6 additional nominations

Energy of Transformation

Short film, Documentary (2022)

Length: 22:53 min


Release expected in summer 2022





Geo Data GmbH

Corporate film – short version (2019)
Length: 1:47 min

San Esprit (School of Healing Arts)

Corporate film (2021)
Length: 3:50 min

E-Werke Haniel

Corporate film (2016 - 2019)
Length: 6:06 min.


Geo Data GmbH

Corporate film (2019)
Length: 10:25 min

Organic Farm Maierhofer (Die Biohennen AG)

Corporate film (2021)
Length: 7:13 min


Kongress "Everything in the flow"

Event Short Documentary (2014)
Length: 03:50 min

Untersberg Symposium

Documentary (2017)
Length: 14:03 min

Trainee Event "Exit Game"

Short Documentary (2018)
Length: 2:57 min.


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