For almost my entire life, I have been fascinated by all questions about life itself. How does it work? What makes us happy and satisfied?


And nothing is more fascinating, exciting, strenuous and lively for me than trying out and experiencing all this for yourself.
For many years I have been following this call of my soul, deciphering more and more the mysteries of life and sharing these insights in coaching, seminars and at congresses.


The essential basis of any undertaking and action is clarity. Spirit becomes matter.
Activating your own natural intelligence is a valuable basis for special questions, change processes or crises. My coaching sessions and seminars are primarily about personal responsibility and self-empowerment. Through the development of meta-competence (superordinate perspective), a transformative retrospective healing view as well as a conscious creative shaping of the future is possible.

Transpersonal management is the basis for a conscious, clear, humane and potential-creating understanding of leadership in harmony with one's own wishes and in connection with the world around us. Everything starts with your own further development. 


    That's how I work:

    • with empathy
    • trusting
    • with a relaxed and safe feel-good atmosphere
    • with various intuitive and systemic methods


    My many years of experience with a lot of clients, as well as my own transformative path and my trust in life itself are good companions to my work.



    • Individual coaching
    • Personal development
    • Leadership Team Training
    • Intuitive visual situation analysis
    • Vision finding
    • Marketing coaching
    • Systemic setup
    • Branding
    • Group seminars / workshops
    • lLctures 



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    two wings sees itself as part of the earth and operates in harmony with life

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